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What is the Timmy's Yummy Tummy children's book series?

In this wonderfully crafted children's book series, children go on a healthy eating adventure as sibling duo, Timmy and Tiny, teach kids how to make healthy eating fun! These books are full of colorful and engaging ways to get both you and your kids excited about nutrition. They also serve as a great addition to your educational library, with the early learning concepts of colors, numbers, math and shapes. There's even a recipe in the back of each book as an added bonus! 

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What People Are Saying

My children love Timmy’s Yummy Tummy and begged to make snacks in our tin tin. The kids at my daughter’s daycare love it so much that they are ordering books for all the classrooms.

Tierra R.​

Our family really enjoys Timmy's Yummy Tummy. The Tin Tin Snack recipes are fun to make, and our son especially likes helping to prepare them. He also enjoys reading the book to us. For parents of young readers, it's a great way to help them excel their reading skills as well as encourage healthy snack habits.

Nicole J.

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With her children's book series, Timmy’s Yummy Tummy, Shonté Press is teaching children how to make healthy food choices. Parents can take their kids on a healthy eating adventure with Timmy and his sister Tiny! Her books are full of intriguing and exciting ways to get parents and children excited about eating healthy. In addition to teaching children how to make healthy eating choices, these books also introduce the early learning concepts that tie in with Common Core Standards. She also includes recipes in the back of each book for a fun tool for parents to get their children involved in the kitchen!

Meet the Author

Shonté Press was originally motivated to write this book during her time as a childcare provider. She saw many parents struggle in the area of getting their children excited about healthy eating. Press decided to convey the fun things that she did with her two children in the kitchen through the Timmy’s Yummy Tummy children’s book series. She wrote the first book in just 2 hours! Since the release of both of the books in the series, Press has received many amazing testimonies about how these books have motivated children across the nation to ask their parents for healthy foods!


As a result of her love for education, Press also includes the early learning concepts and basic math in her books. She wanted to create the perfect balance of nutrition and academics for children everywhere. If you haven’t already ordered one, you’re missing out on a special treat!!! 


If you are interested in having Shonté Press come to facilitate an interactive presentation, send an email request to Also, feel free to download some of our free coloring sheets below. Here's to pressing your healthy button!

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