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Let Us Help You #PressHealthyButtons

We help individuals & families make better nutrition & wellness choices, by addressing their specific needs & creating the healthy & harmonious lifestyle that they deserve!

Our Services

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Some of Our Rock Star Clients

Raye-John Luttrell

Detox & One-On-One Nutrition Consulting Client 

Cheron & Jaiden Wilson

One-On-One Clients

Mark LaCoursiere

 One-On-One Client

As a former client, I am familiar with Shonté's nutritional counseling process, style, and the eloquent detail of information and flexibility of services she offers. Her detox program was easy to follow and was the first activity I'd ever done that immediately and significantly reduced my inflammation. I attended conference calls that were loaded with additional intriguing information, resources, and inspiration. I'd never seen a nutritionist who seemed to care as much as she does. She's a trailblazer in her field.

My daughter needed to lose weight and guidance to achieve her goals. Working with a mom who is able to relate to me as well as my daughter was invaluable. You have great programs, you’re responsive and sensitive to the individual's situation. You offer a wealth of information (meal planning, recipes, links that were informative about food and more). Your program works! Jaiden was able to achieve positive results in the first week and continue thereafter!

I struggled for years with food and weight gain and the overwhelming amount of mixed information that I could find on the internet.  Shonté got to know my specific situation and provided me strategies that I could use on a day by day. It was all included in a documented package that I could refer to when I wasn't speaking directly to her on the phone.  The plan was easy to follow and led to less cravings, less headaches, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and an overall feeling of being in better health.  She kept me accountable in a way that was supportive and informative. 

Who We've Worked With

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