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This is a list of local (Atlanta, GA) experts in their respective fields and businesses that we recommend to our clients. Feel free to use any of these as needed. Here's to pressing your healthy button...


Natural Body Care Products

Safi Spirit, Rochelle Wharton, 404-992-8378,

Sol to Sol Organics, Adrienne Rilington, 470-888-1067,

Personal Trainers

Phlexx Fitness, Prince Wilson,

Alyssa Acree, or 404.849.5371 (women only)


Agape Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr., Dr. Marco Belizaire,


Massage Therapist

Quenten, 404.234.5948 (mobile)


Herb Store

Herb Shop of Vinings, Jeff,


Belly Dancing

Salimah Abdullah-King,


Nutritional Cooking Parties

Chilly P's, Damese Bell,


Natural Nail Salon

Nail Spa & Haven,


Smoothies & Fresh Juices

Arden's Garden,


Natural Food Markets/Grocery Stores

Trader Joe's,

Whole Foods,

Suggested Books, DVD's & Websites

Taking Care of Yourself by Dr. Andrew Weil (Audio Book)

The Program by Diana Schwarzbein (Book)

Eat this and Live by Don Colbert (Book) 

Food Matters (DVD)

Hungry for Change (DVD)

Forks Over Knives (DVD)

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (DVD)

May I Be Frank (DVD)



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