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Live Your Best Life

It's the first month of the rest of your year! Yes, I said, your year. It's time for you to embrace your greatness like never before. No matter where you are in life, you can live your best life. Simply shift your mindset about the way you look at life and watch what happens. One of the most effect ways to better yourself is to consistently work on improving your physical health. It's quite difficult to strive for greatness when you're tired, frustrated and stuck. Check out our tips below if you are really serious about making a change this year.

7 Tips for Better Health: 1. Stop making excuses! 2. Determine your why. Why do you want to become a healthier individual (to look better, to feel better, to set a good example for your children, to prevent a disease that you are genetically predisposed to, etc...). 3. Start where you are (eliminate one "bad" food at a time, work out 1 hour each week and build from there). 4. Detox your body. You need to cleanse your system of decades of environmental, food and mental toxins. 5. Give your refrigerator and pantry a face lift. Get rid of the wrong foods and replace with the right foods. 6. Find someone to hold you accountable. We must have a system of checks and balances in all that we do. 7. Make a list of your goals. If you don't have an end goal in mind, how can you measure your success?

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