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Have Fun, Eat Healthy

Fall is in the air and that means it's time for Fall festivals, apple picking, hay rides, and pumpkin patches!!! These activities are awesome for anyone, kids and adults alike. Apple picking has become a Fall family tradition for my family. We pack the kiddies and some snacks in the car and head up to Mercier Farms in North GA. We make a day trip out of it and usually meet family or friends there for a nice group outing.

We start off with family pictures, then we ride the tractor onto the farm. We stay on the farm for an hour or more, picking the best apples that we can find. Then we ride back down to the General Store and purchase some goodies and eat lunch. We always have loads of fresh apples for weeks after our trip. If you haven't tried apple picking before, you should definitely do so. I have listed a few apple picking tips below...

7 Tips for Apple Picking:

1. Call first to find out if the farm that you are interested in going to has organic apples.

2. Call first to find out when the apples that you like are ready for picking. (I love Fuji Apples)

3. Get an early start. Try to beat the crowd by getting there between 9 and 10 in the morning.

4. Dress in layers. Weather is so tricky in the Fall, so be prepared to shed a layer or two as it gets later in the day.

5. Definitely taste the apples as you pick to make sure you like them and just for the fun of it. Most farms don't care, they usually suggest doing so.

6. Leave the stem on the apples to keep them fresh longer.

7. You must make a homemade apple pie with your fresh apples. Enjoy!

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