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Saving On Summer Travel

Can you believe we are already half way into summer! Well, if you are anything like me you are itching for another summer vacation before it comes to a close. Vacationing is such a lifesaver in many ways, but often times we have a tendency to throw healthy eating out of the window while away. As a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, I would like to encourage you to create a healthy balance during this time. Eating healthy on vacation is not as hard as you think. There are lots of ways to integrate healthy eating practices into your getaway. During my trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago I found a nice juice and smoothie bar to get my fruits and veggies in while on the go. I still indulged in some of my favorite (not so healthy) food choices, but I balanced it out with salads and fresh juices/smoothies. I snapped a few photos while at the juice bar, they are posted below. I am also listing a few tips to help you press your healthy button while away on vacay... 7 Healthy Eating Tips For Summer Travel 1. When you arrive at your destination visit a local store to stock up on fresh fruits. 2. Order a salad to start off your meal for lunch or dinner each day. 3. Try to find a fresh juice bar and have this as a snack or meal replacement each day. 4. If you order a dessert share it with someone at your table. 5. If you have a really heavy meal, try to walk off some of the calories afterwards (maybe forego the bus or train ride to your next destination or take a swift walk around your hotel). 6. If you get hungry late at night, go for a light snack such as fresh fruits/veggies or popcorn. 7. Eat your larger meals earlier in the day and go lighter later in the day.

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