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More Money In Your Wallet

Most of us would like to have more money, right? Well, I would like to share a great way for you to save money and improve your health, simultaneously! So let's talk about the wonderful world of gardening. Gardening provides a fun and exciting way to save money, eat healthier and get in a quick work out! Many people are intimidated by gardening, but you don't have to be. I have devised 10 tips to help you in this area... 10 Quick Gardening Tips Tip 1: Consider getting your neighbors involved. Choose several produce items to plant and have your neighbors choose several different items to plant. This way, when your harvest comes in, you can swap produce for more variety and less work! Tip 2: When planting seeds, follow the guidelines on how far apart to plant and how deep to plant. Tip 3: Plant what's in season in your region.

Tip 4: Plant your garden in a location with ample sunlight.

Tip 5: Plant several new items that you haven't previously planted each year (try something you've never eaten before).

Tip 6: Plant items that you like and will consume relatively quickly.

Tip 7: Try freezing or canning any surplus produce.

Tip 8: Have fun!

Tip 9: Involve the whole family in the gardening process (kids included).

Tip 10: Try composting to reduce your weekly trash load and to enrich your gardening soil.

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