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Shop Healthy On a Budget

Here at Press On Enterprise, Inc. we are all about eating healthy on a budget. There are so many creative ways in which you can save money on nutritious food items in the grocery store. We will share a few of them with you today.

Tips and Tools of the Trade...

Tip 1: ALWAYS plan ahead (take a few moments to look at the websites for your favorite grocery stores and see what produce items are on sale)

Tip 2: Shop in season (purchase produce items that are currently in season)

Tip 3: Visit your local Farmer's Market (check out our website for info)

Tip 4: Stock up on produce that's on sale and freeze it (if it freezes well)

Tip 5: Purchase out of season produce from the freezer section

Tip 6: If there is a Tader Joe's in your area, check it out

Tip 7: Make a grocery list before your shopping trip

Tip 8: Consume water as your primary liquid

Tip 9: Don't shop on an empty stomach

Tip 10: Don't shop in a hurry

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