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A Healthy Treat for Your Sweet Sweet

It's that time of year for love and sweet sweets! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, many of you are prepping and planning something special for your sweetheart. Your sweetheart may be your spouse, your child or a newly found acquaintance and you want to do something special for them. Surprise him or her with a new twist on chocolate treats by creating a super-easy, totally-delicious, visually-appealing and healthy desert! Well, I created something that you will absolutely love. Check out this special recipe below....


-2 Cups of Strawberries

-2 Bananas

-1 Bottle of All Natural Chocolate Syrup (Try Trader Joe's)

-1/4 cup of chopped nuts (optional)


-Rinse the strawberries and cut the stems off, then slice each strawberry down the middle (set aside)

-Peel the banana and then cut them into 1-2 inch rounds (set aside)

-Pull out your favorite wine glass or small clear drinking glass and alternate placing fruit and chocolate inside(strawberries first, then bananas, then a few drizzles of chocolate) until the glass is almost full

-Drizzle chocolate syrup across the top layer of fruit

-Sprinkle with nuts (optional)


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