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Are You Eating Whole Foods

I recently spoke with a potential client about the importance of eating a diet that consists primarily of whole foods. When I said the words “whole foods” I received a blank stare. Then I realized that this person was unsure of what I meant by "whole foods". I didn’t want him to think that I was talking about the store Whole Foods A.K.A. Whole Paycheck (LOL), so immediately I went on to explain my intent.

Whole foods are foods in their most basic and original form, i.e. fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, raw nuts, etc… Most people don’t realize that our bodies were made to process food in their most natural state. Our bodies were NOT designed to process loads of sugar, food dyes, processed foods, fried foods and man-made chemicals. However, as a society this is what the bulk of our food consumption currently consist of.

I always tell people that a good rule of thumb is to try to consume 30-50 percent of each meal in the form of some type of raw produce. With each meal we should all strive to add in a fresh salad, some fresh fruit or fresh sliced vegetables. Doing so helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, healthy organs and an overall healthy body.

It may be an adjustment for many to go from eating little to no whole foods at every meal to the 30-50 percent goal amount. This is why I suggest making gradual changes. You may start with one or two meals containing 10-15 percent fresh produce and that’s fine. The most important thing is to set the 30-50 percent per meal goal and eventually you will get there. Once you make the necessary adjustments, your body will thank you. Just remember to eat whole and play hard!

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