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Ambassador Intake Page

Welcome to the Press On Enterprise Ambassador Program!


We are extremely excited to have you on board in our Brand Ambassador Program! Get ready to have fun making great things happen. Please read this page in its entirety and complete the form below. Yes, it may seem redundant, but this is just a part of the on-boarding process, but it will be worth it!



Press On Enterprise (POE) Brand Ambassadors embody what the company brand is all about by creating awareness and bringing attention to our events, products and services. Awareness can be created by the Brand Ambassadors via social media, live events and/or email. You will become an extension of the POE brand for a period of 6 months. You will have free and/or discounted access to some of our services and products. You will also receive early access to some of our services and products. After completion/use of services or products, you will be asked to provide honest feedback. You will also participate in social media and other online activities intended to promote company service or product awareness by commenting on posts, sharing posts/pages, liking posts/pages, following pages, and in some cases, providing online interviews. Brand Ambassadors may also be asked to test new concepts, still in the development phase. It's a really fun way to stay motivated and continue to Press Healthy Buttons!


  • Work with POE team members to effectively test and promote company products and services

  • Represent the company in a positive way, via social media and in other online and local communities

  • Assist in online promotion of POE services and products as directed via email and/or conference calls

  • Provide honest and timely feedback for services and products (requested response time given at time of request)

  • Answer questions about POE services and products (if comfortable) or refer to the appropriate individual(s)

  • Interact with customers and sales prospects (usually in an online forum) 

  • Participate in Brand Ambassador conference calls, when needed (usually once a month)

What's Next

  • Complete and submit the form below within 48 hours

  • Get ready for our intake call (to schedule, click here)

  • Get ready to #PressHealthyButtons like never before

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